The Central Library


Started a new shop thing with Clarky selling independent zines, DVDs and that sort of thing. Here’s the link…


Red Steps


New zine/booklet/whatever is done. Named after everyone’s favourite spot, Red Steps is 100 pages of riding and ephemera from the last year or so. Inside there’s interviews with Lord Steven Hamilton and Chesterfield King Adam Wasylenko, plus photos of all the usual suspects, a review of a prime sit-off spot and some bits of paper found on the floor.

£3 plus the usual postage snag.

Get one here.

Sesh Report

It’s early March. A Sunday afternoon. Addy has just premiered his magnum opus to a fervent crowd and Sam is finally coming around after a full day spent hiding behind the curtains, mumbling to himself and struggling to keep food down.

Where better to dust off the dried sick than a large concrete skatepark on the outskirts of Liverpool?


Pool essence by Clarky, peg stall by Jony, power squats by Addy and Minney.


Scotland, 2015

Extensive photo offload from last year’s trip over the border to feast on a metaphorical polystyrene take-away tray of deep-fried concrete crust. The weather was shit, the campsite was filled with overweight socks ‘n’ sandals Euro-creeps and the majority of the jaunt was spent sat in a subway tunnel waiting for a steep flatbank to dry, but a good time was had by all (or most).

Cheers to Proseal for the van, Hoff for the Pepsi and the one and only Sk8-Skull for the nightmares.